Sono Motors is building the worlds first mass produced solar electric vehicle. As Design Manager I was responsible for interior, exterior, invehicle UX, UX for mobility services and brand development.
made to be shared.

The main challange was to design an interior that is long lasting, simple to fabricate while meeting the expectations of the existing community and the needs of future vehicle owners and users. The design evolves around a sculptural moss air filter that a visual highlight. All control elements are kept in one location.


The goSono app is a merged point of interaction with the ecosystem. Not only how people interact with their private or shared cars but also how divergent groups can use one car or several cars at ones.

User Experience

The Idea of Sono Motors is a complex system to reduce the negative impact of vehicles. Combining all those ideas into a continous user jerney trouhg website, app, vehicle and infotainment makes what I call User Experience.


Through the solar integration the vehicles outer surface becommes a functional area that delivers an additional purpous. The most interresting part is to use the limitations the technologie brings and translate it into a desirable shape.

Nice try Tesla
Sono Motors 24. Feb. 2019 Tesla 10. Mar. 2019