Gekko is an autonomous Taxi for everyone. While matching the users taste it also reacts on its needs, regardless to its age, purpose of use or disabilities. The design is combining the advantages of a public space with the privateness of your personal car without stigmatizing the user.

This project was made for Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG
in collaboration with Bastian Reichhardt.
“Gekko — autonomous demand-oriented car sharing” won the 5th place in national competition
and runner-up for international James Dyson Design Award 2017
traffic participants in percent
private car car sharing rental car taxi bus train
disabled people families businessmen*women


private space in public transport

With the large windows, the plane floor and the clean lines, the interior gives a spacious feeling while the cosy materials and the personalized surroundings give a sense of intimacy.


Making it visible


Autonomous Car sharing

The system knows your taste, your favorite color scheme, your size or if you have disabilities and changes its look and behavior towards your needs.

animation video

Making of

Two guys. Three weeks. Several hundreds of hours of render time. Umpteen hours of film sequence. Many sleepless nights.