Today, analog amplifiers still got reasons to exist. Merging the incomparable sound of analog tubes with new technologies and a contemporary look, brings the amplifier back to the 21st century. By giving the controls a logical
position and removing tons of unnecessary cables, Echolette 21 is set up faster and easier.
No more pitfalls — no more adjustments on your knees.

This project was made for Echolette Amplification c/o Thomann GmbH, in collaboration with Christian Kropfeld.

user analysis

tangled wires

The stage should be a place where artists perform. But a salad of cables, traps and pitfalls are an essential part of the scenery.

user analysis


Analog effect boxes are still an indispensable part of music. They produce sounds that can’t be copied by a computer.

Most times those boxes have a lack of user experience. The buttons are way too small to be controlled by feet and the motions are mostly unintuitive.

user analysis


Nothing looks cooler than leaning forward trying to grab a tiny knob on the floor in the middle of your gig.

Adjusting… oh not quite right… a little more… cool.

The fine adjusting controls are wide spread over the entire stage. It is not possible to use them in an easy, fast and intuitive way.


Foot pedal

The foot pedal is separated from the effect box. It acts like a remote control and provides a large enough cross-sectional area to be controlled by foot.


Effect box

The effect box is connected physically to the amplifier by small pins that can be clicked in. They sit on top of the amp. They can easily be reached and rearranged.


Everything in the right place

The controls are divided in two areas — the foot pedals on the floor and the amplifier controls with the effect boxes on the height of your hip.

User experience

Foot pedals

Almost all sound effects can be divided in three categories — momentary stepless variable, on/off and permanent stepless variable. For each of these categories we designed a foot pedal that is usable on the most intuitive way and gives instant feedback by light signals. The Pedals can be freely positioned to make it your stage again.